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Best Web Content Company | How Social Media Boosts SEO Rankings

November 23, 2016 In: Blog Comments (None)

There’s no doubt that having social media accounts can drastically help your business in more ways than one.  One of the best perks of having social media accounts is generating more traffic to your website, which will boost your SEO rankings… Ultimately getting you noticed on Google—the place to be!

Everyone, and we mean everyone, turns to Google when they want to search out information (only looking at the first page results and never venturing the second).  As the Best web content company, we’re here to tell you that if you are not on the front page of Google, you will miss many great business opportunities.  One of the best ways to ensure you’re not missing out is to incorporate a social media campaign into your SEO strategy.  While one social media account is good, utilizing different social media platforms is the way to go.

For example, your company may be on Facebook, but that doesn’t mean you can’t also be on Google+, Twitter, and Instagram.  While your social media accounts will not directly boost your SEO rankings, they will surely serve as great contributors.

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How Should Your Business Use Social Media?

In our many years of operations here at We Write Web Content, we’ve managed many social media accounts for our clients.  Today, we’ll show you what you need to do to maximize your SEO success.  By following these simple guidelines for social media, you’ll be able to improve your Google rankings in no time.

Create Quality Content

Quality content is the most important aspect to your social media campaign.  You need to incorporate quality keywords in the content you create.  This will make your social media pages get seen by your target audience.  You must create credible and interesting content that intrigues readers.  You can start by posting regular blogs that have relevant and engaging information that is useful to your audience.  Try to have fun with it and be passionate with the content you create.  If you don’t know how to create your own content, We Write Web Content can create quality content for you and help your business thrive online.

Engage with Followers

Regular engagement is essential to your social media campaign.  Share, follow, like and comment as much as you can.  This will ensure that your brand/company gets exposure.  However, never, and we mean never, buy followers.  These followers are fake and will do your company more harm than good.  Believe us, your rankings will not improve.  Why?  Because Google knows they are not quality followers.  As the Best web content company, we’ll create quality content to ensure your company gets followers organically.  In other words, people will come to your company’s social media pages because they’re genuinely interested in what you have to offer.

Link as Much as You Can

Every post you put on your social media accounts gives you the perfect opportunity to increase traffic to your website.  This is why it’s essential to add a link to your website.  This traffic from new people would never reach your website if it weren’t from your posts on social media.

Let Us Help You with Your Social Media Account

Social media should be a part of every business’s marketing approach.  If your company does not have a social media account, what are you waiting for?  Let the best web content company help you out today.  Almost every internet user today uses social media.  It’s time to give your company the attention and exposure it needs on all social media platforms.

Are you ready to make your company social?  Send us an email at nicole@wewritewebcontent.com today and let us lead the way!

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